Extreme Craft

Extreme Craft

Extreme Craft is an immersive sandbox game that offers a vast and procedurally generated world for players to explore, build, and create.

Players can use materials found in the world to create everything from simple tools and weapons to grandiose structures. The game's powerful construction system allows players to build large metropolises, fortresses, and bases. There are numerous paths for exploration in the game's massive, randomly generated globe. Exploring deep tunnels, luscious woods, and soaring mountains, players will encounter a diverse range of plants and animals. Along the route, they may encounter hazardous monsters and must overcome difficulties in order to find precious loot. Extreme Craft's survival mechanics require players to check their hunger, thirst, and health. They have a lot on their plates, including acquiring food, building a safe refuge, and defending themselves against the environment and predators. Playing the game alone is not an option; there are also multiplayer alternatives. Multiplayer allows players to join alliances or compete in a shared space, collaborate on projects, and fight epic battles.

How To Play Extreme Craft

  • Movement: WASD keys
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • Attack: Left-click mouse button
  • Interact: Right-click mouse button
  • Craft: C key
  • Inventory: E key
  • Chat: T key