Cuphead is a hard-to-master action and adventure game. To finish the game, the player needs to be very patient and act quickly.

The main characters of the game are Cuphead and Mugman, who are brothers who live together in peace on Inkwell Island. After the two boys had a run of good luck in the Devil's casino, he put a bet on them. If they both win, they'll own the whole casino. If one of them loses, the other will have to pay with his soul. This time, you and your partner didn't do well. They lost the bet, begged the Devil for forgiveness, and were given the job of finding other people who owed money to the Devil so that they could get their souls back.


  • The heart and style of classic animation from the last century.The plot is full of exciting, funny, and aesthetically pleasing parts that make you think of old-school animated movies.
  • The game is not hard to play, but it is hard enough to make people want to do well. To complete the game's task, you have to battle through endless stages with bosses that get harder and harder.
  • People from many different generations have fond memories of playing this game. Animation that looks, feels, and has the spirit of old cult cartoons. The story is funny, exciting, and gorgeous to look at, just like old-school animation.
  • The controls are easy to use, and the game is challenging without being too hard, so when you finish it, you feel like you did well.
  • Bosses get harder as you go through the levels of Limitless, and you have to beat them to move on in the game. Makes people feel nostalgic and takes them back to the best times of gaming.

How To Play Cuphead

  • Press A : Jump
  • Press X : Shoot
  • Right Bumper: Lock
  • Right Trigger: Ex shot
  • Left Bumper: Dash
  • Left Trigger: Swith Weapon